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GW Equity and its professionals have worked with Middle Market business owners who are contemplating a sale or seeking merger and acquisition opportunities. We assist owners in all areas of stock or asset sales, mergers, or divestitures. Our highly experienced Merger & Acquisition specialists provide insight and strategies on such matters as: When is the right time to sell? Should all or part of the business be sold? Is the company ready for sale, or should the focus be on building value for a future sale?


For most Middle Market business owners the sale or other transition of a business is the single most important, and perhaps the largest, financial event that occurs in the life of the owner. Most Middle Market business owners do not have an exit strategy. Selling at the wrong time or without the right information can substantially lower the value of the business.


We regularly conduct informational one-day conferences that provide business owners with an overview of the process necessary to successfully sell a private middle market business for maximum value. The information presented in the conference will be a vital part of a strategy to ultimately sell your business for the highest possible price.


Our seasoned M&A professionals can help the business owner anticipate challenges and understand what needs to be done at every juncture of a transaction. For each business owner we can prepare a customized marketing strategy that presents the business to the most appropriate potential buyers while maintaining strict Client confidentiality.


We also have access to thousands of buyers who are actively seeking to acquire middle-market companies.


Please take a moment to check out our Upcoming Conferences and see if you are able to attend.


Dr. John H. Binkley Jr. - CEO and chairman of GW Equity